All Dune Games Listed in Chronological Order

With Frank Herbert’s Dune universe getting back into the spotlight thanks to the latest film releases, you might feel the need to immerse yourself into Arrakis and play some Dune-related games.

Thankfully, there are many Dune games you can try, starting with the original launched back in 1992 up to the modern day when new releases are better than ever. I’m also including some of the most notable fan projects and unofficial releases.

So if you want to play all the Dune games in chronological order, or you’re simply curious to check out all the games in the universe, you can check them out below.


Dune 1 screenshot showing the two main characters

Release date: 1992

Platforms: PC (MS-DOS), Amiga, Sega CD

The first game in the series is Dune (nowadays referred to as Dune 1), released in 1992. This is inspired by the 1984 Dune film, as well as the first book in the Dune series.

You take the role of Paul Atreides, and are challenged to defeat the Harkonnens on the planet, while at the same time building a strong relationship with the locals (the Fremen) and becoming their legendary leader.

The game manages to mix – and do it really well – adventure elements with real-time strategy gameplay, and despite its age, it’s still a really fun title to play. I actually replayed it recently and wrote about it. So you can read more in-depth about the original Dune game here.

This game is no longer on sale, but it’s available on various Abandonware websites.

Dune II (1992)

Dune 2 screenshot

Release date: 1992

Platforms: PC (MS-DOS), Amiga, Sega Genesis

Dune 2, officially named Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty, comes with a completely different approach to the original game and is considered the first RTS game ever. While Herzog Zwei is the game that actually pioneered the genre, Dune 2 is the first major release that defined the genre.

Dune 2 has no major connections to the plot of Frank Herbert’s Dune series (nor the movies) and introduces one new house: The Ordos (to complement the Atreides and the Harkonnens).

The game has a campaign featuring each of the houses, and basically challenges the player to fight over the control of Arrakis (planet Dune) and its spice. And while it lacks many features considered a must in modern day strategies – like multi-unit selection, building queues and so on, it remains a great game to play or replay.

There are also many fan projects and remakes for Dune 2, but since they’re not official releases, I won’t list them here (but I do cover them at the bottom of this article).

This game is no longer on sale, but it’s available for download on various Abandonware websites.

Dune 2000

Dune 2000 gameplay screenshot

Release date: 1998

Platforms: PC, PlayStation

Dune 2000 is an official, partial remake of Dune II, coming with major improvements in graphics and performance, but also a new storyline. It introduces four non-playable sub-factions: House Corrino, the Fremen, Mercenaries and Smugglers.

Despite its name, it was released in 1998 for Windows-based PCs, and ported to the PlayStation 1 in 1999. It’s a good game, a nice combo of Command & Conquer gameplay set in the Dune Universe.

This game is no longer on sale, but it’s available for download on various Abandonware websites.

Emperor: Battle for Dune

Emperor Battle for Dune

Release date: 2001

Platforms: PC

Emperor: Battle for Dune is a sequel to Dune 2000 and continues to build on the real-time strategy gameplay of its predecessor.

The major additions in this game are the switch to 3D graphics and live-action cutscenes (also in the vein of Command & Conquer games which were all the rage back then).

You get three new campaigns to complete with each of the three factions, but also new units and buildings, as well as improved gameplay mechanics. An important addition is the multiplayer mode.

This game is available for download as abandonware on various websites, but you can also find it every now and then on Amazon or eBay (sold on CD).

Frank Herbert’s Dune (2001)

fran herberts dune

Release date: 2001

Platforms: PC, PS2

Frank Herbert’s Dune is a 3D adventure game with action-adventure elements that resemble the original Dune game more than the RTS titles.

In Frank Herbert’s Dune, players take the role of Paul Atreides as the leader of the Fremen. They are called to defend Arrakis and defeat Baron Harkonnen. While the game does follow the story in Frank Herbert’s novel, it was a flop and can probably be considered the worst Dune game to date.

Another game that is difficult to find, but pops up on Amazon or eBay every now and then. It’s also available for download on some Abandonware websites.

Dune: Spice Wars (2022)

Dune Spice Wars battle screenshot

Release date: 2022 (early access). Full release: September 2023.

Platforms: PC, Xbox

Dune: Spice Wars was released in early access in 2022 with its full release following on September 2023. The game goes back to the strategy roots of the genre (fortunately), and does a really good job with its deep gameplay and focus on the Dune lore.

It features 4x in real-time, with a large open world to explore and important decisions to make. Choose from a variety of faction leaders, farm spice, avoid the desert’s threats, and get ready to defeat the other leaders.

Veteran players will feel a bit sad that The Ordos are missing as a faction, but we still have the Atreides and the Harkonnen, as well as three new factions that we’ve met in previous game – The Smugglers, The Fremen and House Corrino.

On a personal note, I have to say that I never managed to get used to Dune Spice Wars and enjoy it as much as I would’ve liked to. Despite all the improvements, it lacks the charm of Dune 2, and even Dune 2000 or Battle for Dune.

Download: Steam, Xbox.

Dune: Imperium

Dune Imperium game screenshot

Release date: November 2023

Platforms: PC, Mac, Xbox

Dune: Imperium started as a tabletop board game, but in November 2023, the digital version was launched.

Drawing inspiration from Denis Villeneuve’s take on Frank Herbert’s Dune (so based on the latest movies), it is a really grand and challenging board game with complex mechanics. Difficult to learn, but amazing once you learn everything about it.

Blending deck-building and worker placement mechanics, Dune Imperium can be played against other people online or locally, but also features battles against AI-controlled opponents, as well as various challenges. A good game overall.

Download: Steam, Xbox.

Dune: Awakening

Dune Awakening Game Screenshot

Release date: TBA

Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Dune: Awakening is the latest entry in the Dune franchise and it was announced in 2022, with its first trailer being released on August 2023.

The game will be an open world survival type of game, created by Funcom. By the looks of it, it’s aeons ahead of the flop that was Frank Herbert’s Dune, and I am really excited to give it a try.

Even though not launched, the game has its own Steam page. You can also find out more by visiting its official website.

Also, two more Dune games were announced but eventually canceled. I don’t think they should be included in the list, since they weren’t even playable:

  • Dune Generations – Announced in 2001 and cancelled in 2002
  • Dune: Ornithopter Assault – Announced and cancelled in 2002

Fan projects and unofficial releases

The Dune game series has also spawned plenty of fan projects, usually remakes of the star of the series, Dune 2.

I am listing them below, with a few bits of information and I do recommend playing them too, especially if you are heavily invested in this series.

Dune Legacy

Dune Legacy in-game screenshot

Probably the best fan-made project. It brings Dune 2 to the modern world with improved controls, multi-unit selection, but also features new campaigns. Available as a free download from its official website, but requires some files from the base Dune 2 game.

Dune Dynasty (or Open Dune)

Dune Dynasty screenshot

Both games are an open source re-creation of Dune 2, allowing players to select multiple units, building queues, some unit AI improvements, and high resolution graphics. They also make the game natively playable on modern operating systems.

You can download the base Open Dune project from Github, or the more improved Dune Dynasty from Sourceforge.


Arrakis game screenshot

A standalone, Dune 2-inspired game created by Stefan Hendriks. It has all the features you’d expect from modern games, including a very smart computer-opponent that will really challenge your strengths. Check it out on its official website.

Dune 2: The Maker

dune 2 the maker screenshot

Another project created by Stefan Hendriks, this is another open source remake of the classic Dune 2. Expect quality of life improvements, high resolution graphics and everything else you’d like from a modern RTS, but keeping that amazing Dune 2 vibe alive. Definitely worth the download – check the project here.

These are all the Dune games listed in order, as well as the best fan-made projects and remakes. If a new game is launched before I manage to update the list – or if you have any comments about this amazing series – don’t forget to share your thoughts below.

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