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Author of the Social Games Help website playing an old computer game
I’ve been a gamer my entire life. In this photo, I am replaying the amazing Another World in a retro gaming museum in Prague, Czechia.

The history of SocialGamesHelp.com

I originally launched this blog back in 2010, but it had been on hiatus until March 2024, when I decided to infuse new life into it and start delivering some old-school gaming journalism, aka how it’s supposed to be!

Back when I initially launched the blog, I covered most of the trending social games of that time. I’m not sure if people still remember them (I certainly don’t remember them all), but I was writing about games like FarmVille, Cafe World, FishVille, Mafia Wars, The Sims Social, and so on.

Since then, social games have evolved and changed dramatically, moving from Facebook to mobile, then to PCs and consoles, and now being available everywhere you look – but they’re more complex and fun than ever.

I have decided to start covering these social games once more. Being such a dinosaur in the gaming journalism world – paradoxically a pretty hardcore gamer, playing mostly casual games due to the lack of time – I still possess a bit of knowledge and can provide help to those in need.

The revised & updated version of Social Games Help will do two important things: take it slow (I’m an old gamer after all!) and be thorough.

Back in 2008, when I first started writing about computer and video games, I was pumping out 14 (sometimes up to 20) news articles and game guides EACH DAY.

Back then, I had no wife, no children, and my life was literally spent entirely in front of a computer, playing games and writing about them.

While this has changed, the love for playing and writing about computer and video games hasn’t. So, here I am, once again focusing on the only hobby that I have ever enjoyed: gaming.

Meet the founder

Photo of Calin Ciabai, founder of Social Games Help, playing a computer game

Yours truly playing Fallout 4, at home, on its launch day. Yes, big Fallout fan here!

Social Games Help is a one-man show, run by veteran video gaming journalist Calin Ciabai, who has been writing about video games since 2008.

With his work published on major gaming websites and platforms like Softpedia, Games.com (now part of AOL), Common Sense Gamer, Touch Tap Play or Android Entity to name just a few, he lives and breathes video games and loves to write about them.

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Thank you for visiting Social Games Help – a website created by a hardcore gamer for gamers!