Foamstars: Best Bubble Gems in the Game

Boost your in-game performance by always going for my recommended bubble gems in Foamstars. The best ones include the Movement Speed UP Bubble Gem, Push Back Distance UP and more, all listed and detailed below.

I just published an article listing the best characters in Foamstars – make sure to open that in a new tab and read it when you’re done with this one, as pairing a top character with these amazing bubble gems is even better overall!

Now let’s check out the top choices in the game!

Slide Speed UP

Slide Speed UP is an amazing escape tool that can be used to prevent some short range characters like Soa and Agito from catching up, basically rendering them useless.

With this, you can make a quick escape and relocate quickly before enemies get the chance to catch up to you – or even use it offensively to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies. Your choice!

Ideally, I recommend using this on Mel T, Baristador, and Rave Breaker, but it really depends on play style and whether you’re using it defensively or offensively, so experiment a bit with it.

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Push Back Distance UP

Push Back Distance UP Foamstars gem

Push Back Distance causes enemies to be pushed even further with certain skills. Especially on maps that you can knock people off, this is a great way to get some cheeky kills, so it’s a Bubble Gem worth having.

The best characters for this gem include Soa and Tonix since they have skills with high base knockback.

Skill Cooldown Time DOWN

Skill Cooldown Time DOWN is an amazing gem for characters that have impactful abilities with long cooldowns. With this, you’ll be able to use key abilities more often and turn the tide of battle. But, since we’re talking about a cooldown here, every character can benefit a lot from it.

I recommend using this on characters like Jet Justice, Penny Gwyn, and Mel T.

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Slide Jump Ability UP

Slide Jump Ability UP bubble gem in Foamstars

Slide Jump Ability UP is a great gap-closer skill that’s ideal for mobile characters. You can either use it to get close and chase enemies, or run away and reposition, similar somewhat to the Slide Speed UP we’ve talked about above.

Based on that, the best characters for this gem are Penny Gwyn and Soa.

Movement Speed UP

Overall, the best bubble gem in Foamstars is Movement Speed UP. This gem increases your character’s movement speed and allows you to traverse the map faster. No matter which type of character you play, getting a boost in speed is extremely useful.

This is a must-have bubble gem for every character and I recommend getting it to S quickly.

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While there are plenty of Bubble Gems in Foamstars, I strongly believe that the ones recommended above are the best ones to go for, especially Movement Speed UP since it’s universally good for every single character.

Experiment a bit, though, until you find the top three that fit both the character you’re playing, but also your play style. And if you have other suggestions, combos or recommended gems altogether, hit me up with a comment down below!

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