Escape From Tarkov: Best Endgame Weapons & Ammo

The best endgame weapons in Escape from Tarkov are the ones with a high fire rate, like the AS VAL, SIG MPX, HK MP7A2, Colt M4A1, SIG MCX .300 Blackout, and DT-MDR.

All of these have accessible ammo (which is also important – no point in trying to use an amazing weapon if you don’t have enough bullets!) and high penetration. Also, you don’t have to spend as much on mods since these weapons have great base recoil.

These weapons are perfect for late-game gameplay, but you will probably start using them a lot sooner. Let’s see why I consider them so good, as well as the ammo to use with these baddies.

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AS VAL with 9×39 SPP Ammo

AS Val weapon in Escape from Tarkov

The AS VAL manages to stand out due to its insanely high rate of fire and low recoil. It’s the perfect option between an Assault Rifle and an SMG and mostly shines in close to mid-range fights.

As for ammo, you can buy 9×39 SPP at Prapor LL4. However, it’s a very popular ammo type and it sells out almost instantly after restocking. You can use any of the 9×39 ammo types, except SP-5 which you should definitely avoid due to how weak it is.

The only setback is that it’s fairly expensive to buy and mod.

SIG MPX with 9×19 PBP gzh Ammo

If you want a mid-range SMG with controllable recoil and high ergonomics that requires minimal modding, the SIG MPX is a great choice.

You can purchase the suppressed version directly from Peacekeeper; from there, simply put a score and optionally a grip/flashlight and you’re good to go.

For ammo, you can craft 9×19 PBP gzh at the Level 3 Workbench. Alternatively, for an easier alternative, you can purchase 9×19 AP from Peacekeeper LL3 but it’s less effective overall.

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HK MP7A2 with FMJ SX Ammo

HK MP7A2 weapon in Escape from Tarkov

The MP7 is the best SMG in Tarkov and stands out due to its insanely high rate of fire. If you want to get close and push enemies in fast-paced CQC gameplay, the MP7 is a must-try.

As for the ammo, you can buy 4.6×30 FMJ SX at Mechanic LL4, which can penetrate most armor types and every helmet.

Colt M4A1 with M856A1 Ammo

Colt M4A1 weapon in Escape from Tarkov

For a solid all-around option, the M4A1 is still an amazing AR. It has long-range accuracy, low recoil, high ergonomics, and easy-to-get quality ammo.

The only setback is that modding an M4A1 optimally can be extremely expensive. The reward though is well worth it.

As for the ammo, you can buy 5.56 M856A1 at Peacekeeper LL4. If you have completed the “Your Car Needs a Service” quest for Peacekeeper, you can craft M855A1 at the Workbench, which is overall better.

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SIG MCX .300 Blackout with CBJ Ammo

My go-to choice for the best AR in EFT this wipe is the SIG MCX .300 Blackout. It’s easy and cheap to mod, has low recoil and high ergonomics, and you can buy the best ammo for it directly from Peacekeeper.

As for the ammo, you can buy .300 CBJ at Peacekeeper LL4. That’s the second-best ammo for the MCX, and it can penetrate even Level-5 armor consistently.

DT-MDR (7.62×51 variant) with M80 Ammo

DT-MDR weapon in Escape from Tarkov

Last but not least, the king of DMRs in Tarkov is the 7.61×51 variant of the DT-MDR. Simply add a grip and a scope, and you’ve got an affordable gun with low recoil and high ergonomics.

To make things better, it’s a full-auto weapon that shoots 7.61×51 and 2-3 shots to the thorax are enough to kill almost any player.

You can buy M80 at Peacekeeper LL3, which is a strong and accessible caliber. If you have managed to find some in the raid, you can also use M61 or M993, which have significantly more penetration.

What’s your favorite weapon this wipe with the recoil changes? Do you have any other weapon and ammo combos to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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