Best Games Like Plague Inc

  • Plague Inc is a unique game, but there are still a few choices that offer a similar experience.
  • The best alternatives are Shadow of Forbidden Gods and Shadows Behind the Throne 2
  • Other similar games include Rebel Inc, Z-Collapse and Pandemic. More below.

Plague Inc is a simulation game where your goal is to create and upgrade a pathogen that will infect and eventually kill as many people as possible on Earth. While for many of us, this still sounds too real to be comfortable, I understand why you’d like to play games like this. They’re fun, after all!

Below, I will share my set of hand picked games like Plague Inc – both new and old – that I am sure you will enjoy playing. Let’s check them out now!

Shadow of Forbidden Gods

Shadow of Forbidden Gods

This is probably the best choice you have at something similar to Plague Inc, which actually takes the original concept and takes it to a grand new level.

This is a PC game where you take the role of an evil god. Spread your cult and bring famine, plague, and overall destruction to the world while avoiding the heroes who try to stop you. Really cool, despite the dark premise. And really well made too.

Check this game on Steam.

Shadows Behind the Throne 2

Shadows Behind the Throne 2

Another solid alternative to Plague Inc and very similar to the game recommended above, this game also sees you take the role of the forces of darkness, trying to bring an end to a fantasy world.

The game’s mechanics revolve around the NPCs’ suspicions, fears and knowledge. Manipulate these to your advantage, by preying on their fears and being elected as their `saviour’ from a threat you created; get your opponent agents exiled by placing false evidence; start pointless civil wars over economic issues in order to weaken their armies and allow you to fight them piecemeal…

And indie game that offers A LOT, so give it a try on Steam.

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Bio Inc. Redemption

Bio Inc Redemption

Switch from trying to destroy an entire world to trying to destroy (or save – you have this option too) a single person.

Including over 600 actual diseases, virus, symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatments and other medical conditions, Bio Inc.: Redemption is frighteningly realistic. It will captivate you for hours, bringing you into a microscopic world of epic plague proportions!

Get the game on Steam, Google Play or the App Store.

Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc screenshot

Created by the same company behind Plague Inc, it has many similarities to the original, although it is, in essence, completely different. In Rebel Inc., your goal is reversed in the sense that you need to help a war-torn region recover.

While the main objective is reversed, the UI is very similar and the games have many common elements.

The game is available on the App Store and Google Play. For a slightly upgraded, more visually appealing experience, try the PC version, Rebel Inc: Escalation.


Z Collapse Research Screenshot

Combine Plague Inc with the zombie apocalypse and you get Z-Collapse, a game inspired by Max Brooks’ World War Z novel.

Offering a more in-depth strategy approach and management of resources and units (and much more), this is a game fans of the genre will surely appreciate.

The game can be played on Steam.

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Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice

Frostpunk Beyond the Ice

Frostpunk is the ultimate survival simulation game where decision-making will save or destroy your colony. Your goal is to survive against the extremely harsh weather while keeping as many of your citizens fed, healthy, and happy.

Fight against the elements and get ready to make some extremely hard decisions to ensure that at least some of your people survive. Sounds a lot like Plague Inc, but the gameplay is very different – however, it’s definitely worth trying!

The game is available on Google Play and the App Store. There’s also a PC version available on Steam.

The Shadow Government Simulator

The Shadow Government Simulator

A turn-based strategy game where you lead a secret society towards world domination. Investigate the influential and convert them to your faction via bribery, seduction and intimidation. Reshape society’s power structures to fend off rival societies and the world’s nations in your quest for power.

The game is available on Steam.

Cell to Singularity: Evolution

Cell to Singularity

In Cell to Singularity: Evolution, you get the chance to unfold the entire evolution of humanity in any way that you please. Similar to Plague Inc., this casual idle game has you making choices by getting upgrades to influence how events progress, although you won’t be battling any viruses or trying to destroy worlds.

However, due to its focus on evolution, it will offer many interesting educational facts on biology and human nature… so it’s a great alternative to the original.

The game can be played on Google Play, App Store or Steam and even online.


Pandemic game screenshot

A small, yet pretty fun mobile game, Pandemic comes with plenty of charts and stats and numbers and lines – perfect for those who fancy this type of game. I sure do!

Here’s the game’s description: “Suddenly, viruses break out in different cities. You are in charge. Hire scientists. Control the different categories of research. Order quarantines and lockdowns. Figure out which virus is the real threat. You have limited funds – so choose your strategy wisely.”

You can play the game for free on Google Play.

Do you have any other suggestions for those looking for Plague Inc alternatives? Let us all know by sharing your thoughts and similar games below.

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